Solo Exhibit - August 2014

Opening reception August 2nd, 5:30-7:30pm
Peninsula Gallery
520 East Savannah Road
Lewes, Delaware
(302) 645-0551

By Lee Wayne Mills

Plein Air painting can mean so many different things to so many people depending on: 1) who is painting it, 2) who is defining it and 3) who is invoking its simple tenets in personal practice. Denise Dumont is an artist capable of all three but with a personal conviction toward the latter.
In this exhibition of over thirty pieces, Dumont displays the consummate skills of a master picture maker, but more importantly, the true nature that is the heart of the landscape painter. Most of the works in this exhibition, often smaller in scale due to the nature of the operation, were indeed done on the scene. Some of the larger works were painted in the studio and developed from studies and observations at the site. This is a big show, worthy of your attention. The search for subtle differences will reward the skilled observer, but the excursion for the ordinary gallery-goer will be revealing as well. For Dumont, the totally Plein Air works fall into play according to the day and her observational skills. Forced to retreat to the studio, the artist insists on immediacy comparable to the event experienced on scene, so she allows herself improvisational elements comparable to being there  in the moment. This is where the true nature of an artist shows through and elevates the work to a higher plane. read more

"Cape Henlopen State Park, Ocean View", Oil on Linen, 28 x 32 Inches

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